HUP Announces Official Company Launch

Humans Unlocking Potential (HUP), a results driven ecosystem that connects people to projects that makes a difference, announces its official launch. Co-Founded by Entrepreneurs Sacha van der Most van Spijk, Luz A Lluncor, Danny Frietman and Eddy Zaint, HUP is poised to disrupt the Human Potentiality and Social Entrepreneurship sector.

Los Angeles, California: February 16, 2016
Humans Unlocking Potential (HUP) is proud to officially announce its launch. Created by four close friends and Entrepreneurs HUP is focused on empowering entrepreneurs, companies and individuals with ‘Big Ideas’ to change lives. The four founders came together in a collective search for a means that would allow them to create meaningful change at the community level.

“All of a sudden the coin dropped. We connected at a level that did not exist before. We realized that joint forces from unexpected angels could create a source of inspiration and a jumping board for others. At HUP we are passionate about connecting people that care to either projects, organizations, or fellow innovators that are committed to make a difference in their communities, business, and life in general.” Sacha van de Most van Spijk (Director of Development – Founder).

“HUP stands as an opportunity to enhance individuals life by guiding them to become key leaders in their industry through social entrepreneurship. Business is all about matching the right people to the right work. HUP is about connecting people and projects to the best-fit companies and business in our extensive and expansive network” Luz A Lluncor (Director of Business Affairs – Co-Founder).

What separates HUP is the focus on Collaboration and Evolution at the community level. HUP is both the mechanism and means by which ideas for change connect with entrepreneurs and business in a collaborative methodology focused on not only unlocking human potential and stimulating last social transformation but most importantly building projects that offer opportunities where none existed before.

“Life is about unexpected endeavors. It is a continuous journey with truly amazing moments which are at the same time can be deeply challenging. To really, truly, being able to invest in people is a crucial part of this journey, which enriches every path in life. Connecting people to people, allowing relationships to nurture and to evolve, is one the of most amazing and magical experiences and HUP is committed to creating many such moments” Danny Frietman (People Engineer – Co-Founder).

With resources and people in several countries across the globe, as well as several projects already underway, HUP is poised to deliver on their global mandate to transform communities and unlock potential wherever there is opportunity to do so. The company is in the process of application for Benefit Corporation Status as their model defines profit not in currency but in lives changed.
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About HUP

Co Founded by four friends and Entrepreneurs, HUP is a results driven ecosystem that connects people to projects that makes a difference. Using their vast network of contacts and presence in several countries across the globe HUP is focused on unlocking potential and transforming communities wherever there is opportunity to do so. The company is committed to Social
Transformation by Humans Unlocking Potential.

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