HUP Interview with Part-up Founder Laurens Waling: Part Two

We continue our chat with Part-up Founder Laurens Waling, turning our attention towards Social Entrepreneurship. In particular we discuss what making a Social Impact means to Part-up, how the alliance between HUP and Part-up came to be and end our chat with some great advice from this Founder to other Social Entrepreneurs

HUP: Part Up defines itself as a ‘Social Impact Co-Operative“: What does that mean to you, given the fact you were also the Founder of Whyland?

Laurens: Whyland was more of a smaller initiative than a company. Like I stated in the beginning of this interview I wanted to make a positive social impact on the world with a focus on the way people behave and work together. I’m not, like many of the current generation of young Entrepreneurs, into the start up scene to make money. We’re in it to make a Social Impact. Part-up is an open platform where everyone can contribute and become an ‘owner’ and decision maker in the direction of the company. We’ll soon be implementing a Gamification solution that maps and tracks contribution and activity so that everyone, whether we grow into hundreds of thousands or millions of users, will have a share in that cooperative decision making based on their level of interaction and contribution.

H: One of the reasons I wanted to do this interview was the fact that you offer a plethora of services for Companies and Start-Ups like HUP for free: Was this a defining principle/value offer when Part-up was just a dream?

L: Not only an essential principal when we founded our company but a principle that has I believe directly contributed to our success

H: You go as far as to state on your website your users will experience an “ad free, data sale free existence”: Is privacy a core element of the Part-up Brand/Identity?

L: We highly value the privacy of our Users. User data is their data and Part-up does not sell or market that data. That being stated Part-up is all about sharing. The more data a User provides about him/her self the better matches our Platform can make to work and teams. The same applies to work done: More work shared equals more work in the future.

H: So you are stating for a fact the only ‘entity’ that shares your data is Part-up itself?

L: To a point. Part-up allows the creation of closed teams but when you create an open team on a open platform like ourselves the data you provide is open and accessible i.e. the usual search engine indexing will happen etc and that’s a given.

H: Alongside Privacy which values does Part Up for you exemplify?

L: Freedom. Freshness. Next Generation..

H: Freshness? That’s an interesting value… (laughter)

L: (Laughter) The final two would be transparency and Cooperative/Co ownership. We’ve discussed that last one but let me give you a short example.

I’m jealous of the impact/success of Airbnb and Uber but I would not want to be part of the type of organization behind these companies. They are both models of traditional capitalist organizations. Imagine however an Uber where every driver was a co owner of the “Uber Cooperative”!

H: I think we’ve all seen enough press about what drivers make versus the companies make to understand that isn’t a business model you want to have if social impact /social change is a primary concern.


H: You seem to have a healthy mix right now in your Tribes, part-ups etc on the website in terms of languages and locations. Obviously there is a heavy Dutch emphasis right now but is Part-up’s goal to be ‘internet global’ or do you have specific countries targeted in your growth plan?

L: We want to go truly Global as fast as possible. To get there however is another story so right now we’re heavy local with international outliers but our mission is to grow global

H: Swinging it around back to how this conversation came about: How did the relationship between HUP and Part-Up come about?

L:I’ve known Danny Frietman for a very long time..

H: I think pretty much everyone in the Netherlands knows or at least has heard of Danny

L: (Laughter) Definitely! A lot of our common friends are ‘super connectors’ and, especially in the startup scene here in Amsterdam, everyone is just a short connection away. So I called Danny up and told him about Part-up, what we were doing and just knew he would like it. I also wanted to see if we could partner up or work together through Part up. Immediately after I showed him Part-up he told he loved it, would spread the word with his clients and in return showed me HUP. We spoke about international ambitions and especially about how HUP and Part-up both shared a global mandate for change.

Working with HUP has become part of our strategy now in terms of global growth.

H: Companies and individuals working with us will be using the Part-up platform to run their projects and build teams: Any words of encouragement to those people who have yet to experience HUP or Part-up?

L:I think the fit between Part-up and HUP is awesome. HUP’s focus on connecting ideas to entrepreneurs and making them happen aligns with my belief that once you have a great idea is that you share it! Share share share -always. Never be afraid of your ideas. From the moment I had this idea for Part-up I started sharing it. Everyone I spoke to said ‘this was a great idea and I’m going to help you’. No one ‘stole’ my idea and I haven’t seen anyone copying us (so far).


H: So you would encourage anyone, whether businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs etc if they have an idea for something to do good then just do it?

L:That’s the spirit! Share share share. What matters is execution and ideas without execution are worth nothing. That’s where the Part Up / HUP synergy lies. If you have a great idea or you’re looking for a great idea for social change share it with HUP. HUP through Part-up will see the teams built, the talent found and the idea executed, whether you’re a startup, a multinational or an individual.

Together we can make anything happen.

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