Pop-Up Exhibition Looks at life of Anne Frank and Holocaust

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HUP is proud to help Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco and Anne Frank Stichting organize a pop-up exhibition about the life of Anne Frank. Visitors are invited to think about inclusion, mutual respect, human rights and democracy. The exhibition, Anne Frank – A History for Today, is presented by the Anne Frank House and the Consulate General of the Netherlands, and tells the history of the Holocaust and World War II from the perspective of Anne Frank and her family.

Local students will prepare personalized panels, showing their own thoughts and ideas on the topics that Anne Frank wrote about in her diary. On November 7th, the exhibition will be launched at Stay Gallery, where it will be on display from November 7th through November 16th.

“The United States and the Netherlands share the same values of tolerance, freedom and inclusion. Therefore, we should challenge ourselves to think about the role of those values in our own life,” says Netherlands Consul General Gerbert Kunst. “Especially in these times, when discrimination and exclusion are a much-debated topic again, the lessons we learned from Anne should not be forgotten.In a recent poll, 22 percent of American youth said they haven’t heard of the Holocaust. That’s why it is important that we share Anne Frank’s story with youth in California and around the world.”

This will be the kick off event for a tour to five schools in the Los Angeles Region. At each location, local students, who will be educated by Anne Frank House teachers, will serve as guides at the exhibition.

The Anne Frank – A History for Today installation is on view at Stay Gallery 11140 Downey, Downey, CA 90241
November 7th Opening Night 5pm to 8pm

Guided tours:

  • November 8 - 9 from 3pm to 8pm

  • November 10 from 1pm to 6pm.

  • November 12 - 16 from 9am to 5pm.