Attending SXSW ’16

HUP is a platform where anyone with a purpose and a plan for social good can build and share their project, refine their goals and connect with our select network of entrepreneurs and businesses seeking opportunities for meaningful change. “Social Transformation By Humans Unlocking Potential”

This is a simple statement that masks a complex plan. HUP is focused on a manifold strategy that hinges on the Vision that we can change the course of society in a positive way through the use of our cutting edge Social Platform and Rich Network driven by our Founder’s Drive, the power of our Network’s reach and most importantly: Our collective Vision.We are firmly committed to:

Empowering the users of our Platform with the tools and means to change not only their lives but by doing so uplift their community as a whole. Expanding accessibility and destroying barriers of entry by deploying bespoke Social events that unlocks (and sometimes forces) real progress in Society. Educating the Social Transformation market space to transform Lives, Ignite Passion, create a sustainable Movement and leave a lasting Legacy.

Estevan Studio