Welcome Nathalie d'Adelhart Toorop

Nathalie - Profile pic.jpg

HUP is happy to welcome Nathalie d'Adelhart Toorop to our team.

Nathalie, a Dutch native, has been followed by her roots along her career. Leaving the Netherlands to live in Spain and start her own tour company, guiding Dutch people on their bikes or by foot throughout the breathtaking historical city of Barcelona.

After that she made her way to San Francisco where she found a job at the Dutch Consulate. Her network and entrepreneurial spirit brought her to San Diego where she started her own event and tour planning business. "Working with HUP has been such a pleasure. I feel right at home with the positive and straight forward approach of business development at HUP” she says. As an Associate she has been involved in various projects such as a soccer film festival and a trade mission from Amsterdam. “I look forward to many more adventures with HUP.”