With over 25 local associates we are able to provide end-to-end services from feasibility and business development to establishment and operation.

Our local network of senior associates vary from investors, tax advisors, lawyers, HR professionals, business development, sales & marketing developers, transition experts to sector specific business leaders. HUP Inc also has all necessary connections with local government and relevant officials.



Step 1: Intake Workshop

Based on a proven qualification methodology, we match ambition, proposition, and personal drive to an appropriate go to market model and opportunities (Southern) California offers.

Our 20 years of market experience, our local network will be activated for reference and your bespoke plan of action and pre-liminary go-to-market model is a result of Step 1. 


Step 2: Preliminary Establishment

  • Execution on our plan of action
    • Involve sector specific experts (Associates HUP Inc)
    • Involve local government support and incubation programs (government grands) or investors
  • Set-up customer (partner) meetings, attend events and conferences or set-up of network (masterclass) events. 
    • Lessons learned, references, examples
    • Test proposition, Proof of concepts
    • Start marketing planning and execution
  • Create first business value (deal) as defined in plan of action
  • Plan of action for step 3 
    • Local representation, legal support
    • If required in-depth feasibility study for your investors or board. 

Step 3: Services Formal Establishment

  • Finalize go-to-market model and legal/tax implications and opportunities.
  • Formal set-up and local establishment (real-estate service)
  • HR pay-rolling and recruitment
  • Transition support (Visa) when applicable
  • Marketing and roll-out of social media support
    • Promotional support
    • Website, apps, press involvement
business growth.jpg

Step 4: Operational support

HUP Inc is a friend for life. We support your future growth and development, weather this is within California, US or Asia (LA perfect transfer step to Asia - over 220 languages are spoken). 

Typical support options:

  • HUP Inc. ventures and investments
  • Advisory of board services
    • Business support, local business network
  • Plan of action for broader US approach, Asia Pac