HUP has a team of local senior business leaders committed to your industry who are experienced in supporting your strategic ambition and transitional business development plans (please see Process page). We will work side by side during your journey, guide you through the steps, and share invaluable resources and advice during the process.

Our team has invaluable experience working to optimize your organization’s proposition by introducing valuable industry leads. 

HUP Inc. is your business extension and local feet on the street.



Business Development

HUP supports mid-sized companies looking to make an entrance into the California marketplace. Our highly skilled team of partners and qualified associates work together to optimize each of our client's value proposition by introducing valuable industry leads. HUP will be at the focal point of each business proposition catering to our client's unique needs and aspirations.



  • Business Plans

  • Pre-Selected Prospects

  • Industry Analysis

  • Strategic Planing

  • Partnering and investment

  • Project Management

  • HR Recruitment

  • Local Transition

  • Start-Up Services

  • Marketing and events

  • Pre qualification M&A



Business Research

HUP's business research provides high quality and custom research to fulfill the unique needs of each of our clients. We have a team of experienced analysts with advanced business research knowledge providing tailored reports. HUP uses a cost-effective model that helps clients in various industries to make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, increase market share, and expand their business both at the local and global fronts.



  • Primary Research
    Benchmarking, Competitive Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Qualitative Data

  • Secondary Research
    Content Review, Best Practices, Environmental Scan, Market Evaluation

  • Grant Development
    Strategy Development, Proposal Production, Consultation, Capacity Building

  • Data Analysis
    Data Segmentation, Conjoint Analysis, Environmental Scan, Industry Trends



Event Production

From entertainment powerhouses to innovative organizations, companies big and small from all industries come to HUP to seek the latest innovations in event production. HUP has experience working in all facets of entertainment from sports, mobile technology, music, gaming, the arts, film and more. Manufacturers, developers and suppliers gather at HUP to not only showcase game-changing products/services to the world, but to also build strong business relationships with new and existing industries.



  • Prior To Event
    Ticketing, Scheduling, Activation, Marketing/Advertising

  • During Event
    Audio, Lighting, Social Media, Staging


Our Past Events

South by Southwest - Austin, Texas

Mobile World Congress - Barcelona, Spain

Electric Futsal - Venice Beach, California

The Clubhouse - Los Angeles, California



We Deliver!

HUP is comprised of a diverse and talented team of skilled professionals. We are extremely passionate with every project we take on helping our clients reach an extended network of local and international business leaders.