HUP has a team of local senior business leaders committed to each of our client’s industry, strategic ambition and transitional business development plans.

Each member of our organization is the heart of the company and provides tremendous value in each project. HUP relies on the dedication and skillset of each member to allow each project to be completed successfully.



Sacha van der Most van Spijk

President & Founder

As a native Dutchman, Sacha grew up playing and coaching soccer. He did not hesitate when he was offered the chance to follow the ball to California, where he coached, pursued education, played and started a family. Nearly two decades later he continues to develop his passion for creating environments for positive development. After laying a foundation for professional youth soccer development in Southern California, he took the opportunity with HUP to found a business development concept, based on international collaboration between passionate entrepreneurs and business matter experts. 

He expresses his life long passion for sports and soccer with the foundation of of a non-profit youth leadership program called Home Field Advantage, scouting youth national team players for the Mexican Futbol Federation, and the formation of a community based soccer organization with SoCal Premier.  

More than anything else, Sacha enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.


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Luz Lluncor


Driven by a deep love of community Luz is an active and vocal voice in the worlds of Real Estate and Mortgage Financing. Luz's belief in the power of communities to create lasting change has driven her to become not only a successful business owner and Entrepreneur but her belief itself is one of the founding principles of HUP.



Chris Hazewinkel

CEO & Co-Founder

Chris moved from The Netherlands to the U.S. to enjoy life to the max and pursue new opportunities. He is building on a successful international career leading transformation of companies and teams in multiple industries including private equity. 

As a co-founder of HUP, Chris enjoys supporting foreign companies with their cross border establishment into the US. He leverages his impressive global relationship network to connect people and businesses.

Chris studied Economics at the University of Brabant, The Netherlands and went to The London Business School.

Chris loves to spend time with his daughters and spouse and embraces the Californian lifestyle. His wife has a successful career in the Biotech sector.





Every organization is unique and requires different levels of expertise and care. We constantly work with and qualify our trusted network of HUP associates.